Where can Induction Loops be Used?

Induction Loops can be beneficial in a very wide range of environments, from large venues such as theatres and conference facilities, to one-to-one communications such as ticket counters and meeting rooms. They are the only effective solution to assist hearing aid users in transport environments, in vehicles, terminals and stations.

Examples of applications for induction loop systems:

  • Transport Systems
    Airports, stations and transport networks, elevators, help points, car park access points
  • Vehicles
    Taxis and private cars, minibuses, coaches, trains, trams and boats
  • Venues
    Theatres, cinemas and concert halls, stadium and sports venues, places of worship, conference and lecture halls
  • Point-of-Service
    Counters, intercoms and entry-phones, drive-throughs, help points
  • Work
    Meeting rooms, video conference facilities, desks and offices
  • Home
    TV rooms, phones, individual car systems
  • Education
    Lecture halls, classrooms
  • Safety
    Public address systems, voice alarm systems, help points

Induction loop systems are not suitable if:

  • There is substantial background noise, which will reduce the effectiveness of any assistive listening system
  • There is no practical way to install the loop cable (sometimes requires creative solutions – ask if you are not sure!)
  • There is no sufficiently good quality audio source available
  • Electrical instruments such as electric guitars, electric bass guitars or dynamic microphones are used within the area covered by the loop.