10 Easy Steps to Organize Your Home Office

Pick your favorite paint color, get creative with a stencil, and display it on your desktop. The best home office products are the ones that pull double duty. This desk stand keeps your computer elevated and has built-in storage for your keyboard, mouse, pens, scissors, and more. Emily Henderson opted for a Lucite dry-erase (and magnet-friendly) board above the desk.

This label maker uses Bluetooth wireless technology to design and print labels from your phone or computer, how cool is that? Your office is where you go to be productive, but it can be difficult to get things done if your space is in disarray. From tidying up loose papers to corralling that impressive pen (and highlighter) collection, organizing your office is one easy way to maximize your efficiency. To help, we’re showing you some of our favorite office organization ideas, from DIY projects to the products you need to start (and finish) the workday strong.

Clever Pantry Organization Ideas

Think creatively about what you put in your office and look for items that can do double or triple duty. Three-hundred square feet of apartment space isn’t uncommon for New York City. And if that’s your situation, you need to find a way to squeeze a functional home workspace somewhere in that tiny area. Having your desk right next to your bed isn’t exactly the best option if you want some semblance of work-life balance.

Use a dollar store coupon file to sort receipts by month for organized budgeting and easy access in case you need to make a return. Buy a second file and organize product manuals with each divider corresponding to a different room in the home and the products in that room. Keep your personal paperwork on a different desk or even in a different room.

Genius Shoe Organizer Ideas

Use spray adhesive to cover a cork or magnetic board with a decorative pattern. High-quality wrapping paper, wallpaper or fabric work to create a functional, unique piece of art for your office space where you can keep important information or inspiration on the wall. The problem, though, is that many home offices are small, making organizing and storing your office supplies difficult. Taking your storage vertical is a great way to maximize space in a small office and opens up more real estate for unique storage needs. It can be overwhelming to try to tackle the mounds of paper and clutter when they’re on your desk. By taking everything off, you’re giving your desk—and yourself—a fresh start.

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This hand-painted red, black and white design has been created using Capri Pink, Old White, and Athenian Black  – all available from Annie Sloan. So, on our agenda, we’ve penciled in some things that’ll make home office organizing that little bit easier. From luxe letter trays to fashionable filing finds (yes really), we show you how to boss the task https://remotemode.net/blog/10-tips-for-setting-up-the-best-home-office/ at hand. Don’t deem this pretty thumbtack DIY frivolous; you may be more likely to keep important papers in order when you have cute hangers for them. Fun bins like vintage suitcases, wooden crates and (of course) mason jars add style to your streamlining efforts. At the end of the day, do a quick straighten, so you have a clean start the next day.